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FB284 is born

2020-12-03 09:55


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Benetti's new mega yacht, a combination of elegance and comfort

The new Benetti mega yacht, a combination of elegance and comfort FB284


u00e8 the new Benetti mega yacht by 67 meters, organized on six decks and born from the ability of Benetti and the designer Giorgio M. Cassetta to combine the care of style with excellent functionality, the central pivot on which the boat was conceived. FB284 \ u00e8 designed for those who love to sail and want to do so while enjoying a refined and elegant design that satisfies the aesthetic taste and love for beauty, always living the on-board environments in maximum comfort. This yacht does not seek whimsy in aesthetics , but wants to fit into a contemporary


with a

timeless horizon. External layout The layout develops over six decks and unfolds in an extreme functionality of the spaces through new proportions, created starting from the strengths of

the design. The style, which comes from the pencil of Giorgio M. Cassetta, is able to highlight the development of the ship on the horizontal plane to enhance its length. The careful search for a harmonious continuity takes place through the lateral lines, almost never interrupted, which

bend to streamline the mass of the superstructures. The only element that deliberately breaks the continuity of the boat's line is represented by the wings of the dashboard which, enhanced in their discontinuity by the surrounding surfaces,

load the design with personality and exhibit an exquisite combination of form and function. The tails of the decks have been interpreted with an upward momentum and create a feeling of lightening of the superstructure and greater height of the external areas. The large dimensions, highlighted by the clear lines of the iconic vertical bow and the sharp hull, result in a yacht of almost 70 meters which immediately appears in all its grandeur and authority.

The interiors

The interiors recall the timeless excellence of Made in Italy which is expressed through manufacturing of the highest quality, inserted in a balance of elements that manage to communicate with each other. Ambassadors of a stylistic choice that makes the interiors elegant and refined are the materials chosen that come close to a sober style that wants

to last over time.The woods used are the Fris Maple \ u00e9, with a soft color that is close to that of the natural silk, and black Macassar ebony with orange veins, with a classic touch. For the marble, the choice falls on the Bianco di Carrara which gives splendor to the surfaces and which


well with the particularly refined black Saint Laurent marble. On the Main Deck the cockpit is dedicated to guests who are immediately greeted by elegant seats. A large window, with a central door that slides into the superstructure, divides the stern from the particularly long saloon with large sofas. On the same deck, the spacious pantry and the large square-shaped galley preceding the two VIP cabins were designed, characterized by

windows and considerable spaces for stowage and wardrobe. To find the other four guest cabins, move to the Lower Deck which, not having to accommodate the galley as usually happens in boats of this size, expands the area dedicated to the crew cabins by 17 or, in an alternative configuration, 19 members. The four officers can therefore have individual cabins, an important feature in terms of greater comfort for the crew and, consequently, a more satisfactory service on board. Aft, the spacious Beach club, the noble point of contact with the sea is also equipped with a side door. A hammam, with comfortable bathroom with shower, is at guests' disposal. Depending on the owner's needs,


of the area can be used as a gym. The Upper Deck is the deck dedicated to the owner and his needs for conviviality. Towards the bow is the owner's suite: equipped with a private study and two separate bathrooms, one with tub and shower and the other with tub, both with very long sink tops. Due to its position on board,


cabin offers a breathtaking view of the bow and the surrounding sea. At the center of the ship, the pantry occupies great space, a choice that interprets the desire to make the functionality of the boat a priority. On this deck, a particularly generously sized saloon lends itself to long moments of relaxation and conversation between guests. Outside, a large dining table for 14 people precedes the sofas that are positioned to frame the dining area and are perfect for enjoying the aperitif. Adjacent to the dining area, the bar, with comfortable stools oriented towards the stern, is perfect for breakfast or a quick


and is also designed for suggestive bartending or cooking shows. The Bridge Deck was designed as a party deck. The shaded area can optionally be closed in an equipped veranda according to the owner \ u2019s needs. The different outdoor lounge areas are served by a very large bar with adjacent pantry and storage areas. On the same deck, the captain's large cabin is adjacent to the ship's government rooms. Well hidden, an external staircase leads to the Sun Deck of almost 90 square meters. From the bar, you immediately enjoy a wonderful view. Towards the bow, a podium houses a jacuzzi well masking its volume. The tub is slightly elevated to eliminate the visual difference during conversations between those who enjoy a nice bath and those who sip a cocktail, comfortably seated on the sofa, a clear example of how the


have been designed to always offer maximum ergonomics between all areas. The same optic of maximum optimization of the available volumes regulated the design of a sixth deck, the Under Lower Deck, conceived as perfectly usable. In fact, thanks to a careful rationalization of spaces, this environment gives the boat important additional areas, both technical and dedicated to storage; these areas that, especially in long voyages, make a big difference in the quality of life on board.

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