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New degree course for yacht captains and more!

2020-11-30 10:57


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New degree course for yacht captains and more!

Certification of the managerial capacity of captains in all phases of the yacht's life, from design and construction to refit

A new degree course reserved for yacht captains has been presented, which will allow them to certify their managerial skills in all phases of the boat \ u2019s life , from p design and construction up to the refit, on the occasion of the digital edition of Yare (Yachting Aftersales and Refit Experience). Bachelor Degree in Business with Specialization in Management for Yachting Captains \ u201d & lt; \ / strong & gt; It was in fact created in order to relaunch in the global market the skills and credibility of those who work in the Italian maritime sector and to guarantee quality and protect the professionalism not only of the captains but also of those who wish to enter in this sector.

For those who do not want to undertake the degree course, there are also & lt; strong & gt; accreditation courses lasting 6 months

Accreditation courses:

For those wishing to acquire more knowledge of the sector, such as the Undergraduate Certificate in Maritime Business (30 ECTS), the Undergraduate Certificate in Maritime Entrepreneurship (30 ECTS), the Undergraduate Certificate in Maritime E conomy (32 ECTS), the Undergraduate Certificate in Maritime Marketing and Communication (32 ECTS) and the Undergraduate Diploma in Management for Yacht Captains (62 ECTS), there are courses lasting 6 months or one year (with official recognition but without obtain the degree)

Degree Course:

As well as from commanders with years of experience in sector who have not obtained a degree but wish to do so without having to relearn what they have already learned (up to 50% of previous work experience is recognized as part of the degree program), this training path can also be undertaken by interested graduates to enter the yachting sector and as students in the first degree course in the area of yachting management, who want to they are experimenting with innovative learning approaches with placement in the workplace, so as to acquire skills and experiences that allow a more effective professional placement.

What is the degree course

The course will be held partly online and partly through specific work experiences, allowing greater flexibility for students, who they will be able to work and study at the same time wherever they are. Given the significant presence of Maltese flags in yachting, the GY Academy, an international institute of higher education based in Malta, in collaboration with the ISYL Foundation (Italian Superyacht Life) and Navigo, has developed the bachelor's degree with an innovative study program that implements new methods, including:

Recognition of prior learning. It is possible to apply for the recognition of previous knowledge and skills acquired through formal (training courses) and non-formal (job related) learning, reducing the study time for the three-year degree up to a maximum of 50% (3 to 1 1/2 years).

Work-based learning. Students have the opportunity to practically experience what they learned during their bachelor's degree, learning to facilitate daily interactions, work and brainstorming while working on site with professionals.

Employability in other sectors. By the end of the degree program, students can be employed in various professions, such as Shipyard Manager, Recreational Tourism, Marine Consulting, Business or Economic Development, Entrepreneur, Project Management, Yacht Management, Business Development, Pleasure CRAFT Management, Operations Supervisor, Security Operations Coordinator, Sales Manager.

The Bachelor's Degree is accredited by NCFHE in Malta and has 180 ECTS (academic credits), valid in Europe and easily recognized in 30 Commonwealth countries.


Entry requirements include having completed a secondary school, matriculation exam and either a professional qualification (MQF level 5) or at least one year of documented navigation service.

The GY Academy is an international institute of higher education accredited by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education Institution of Malta and qualified for the release of valid European degree programs from MQF level 5 to level 8 according to the European higher education system. For more information on the program or to request the registration form, please visit

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